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    What is is a platform that serves two purposes:
    1. To empower Freelancers of all industries to gain the exposure they need and reach the clientele they otherwise would not be able to.
    2. To enable people who need services to find the right person for the job by comparing quotes, viewing profiles, references and much more!

    With “informal traders” being the largest work force in Zimbabwe, everybody has something to offer so¬†provides a central point where people can meet, collaborate, provide solutions and earn a living!

    How do I use

    Simply click on the sign up button, choose whether you’re looking to hire or work, fill in your details and you’re done!

    If you sign up to hire you can immediately post a job for free and get Freelancers to bid on the job. You also have the option to post a “featured job” for just $1.99, this ensures your ad is featured on our website, social media pages and email newsletters.

    If you sign up to work then you need to complete your profile and you will be listed amongst our Freelancers. Keep an eye out for jobs that match your skills and you can bid for them. Upon signing up you can bid for 2 jobs for free, thereafter you can purchase a subscription for just $1.99 a month that will allow you to bid on as many jobs as you wish!

    Freelancers can also post jobs and employers can also complete their profiles if they wish to add a service!

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